Thursday, January 12, 2017

My leap into the film industry!

I wrote a screenplay. Then I re-wrote the screenplay. Then I re-wrote the re-write. When I finally got it where I wanted it, I began to send it off to film industry managers, agents and producers. I got a few bites. A lot of reads. But no offers. I even split it in half and made it into a pilot TV episode and a second episode. Any takers?


You would think that after eight successfully published books, someone would be interested in my screenplay, which was based on my most successful book.

Nope again.

Two years and over a hundred emails later, I said the heck with it. I'll write another screenplay, this one with a lower budget in mind, and get it made myself.

Fast forward to SKINWALKER, my latest movie project. 

SKINWALKER is based on the true story of a young woman who was murdered here in Elizabeth City back in 1901. Although her boyfriend was tried and convicted of the crime, it was on circumstantial evidence, and the case has been considered unsolved ever since. It has been said that her ghost haunts the house where she last lived. My screenplay is based on those two plot points - how did Nell really die, and is her ghost still in that house, unable to move on because of unanswered questions?

The answer I give in my screenplay is quite terrifying and based upon an actual legend. Which I think is totally awesome! But of course I would think that, because it's my screenplay.

So here I was with a screenplay and...well, what now? Since I was going the indie route, that meant I would have to do everything myself. 


Well, I managed to get all my books published, so I figured what the heck, maybe I can find a production company that would be willing to take this baby on.

That was when I discovered Billy Lewis and Orange St. Films. Billy is an amazing dude - screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, director - he does it all. He already has two movies in the can, the first one with actor C. Thomas Howell (THE JAILHOUSE) and the second one (THE TERRIBLE TWO) in the process of getting distribution.

So far, the process has been an amazing learning experience. Getting people interested in helping out is easy. Getting people to give up their hard-earned money to help fund the movie? Not so much.

If you would like to help make this dream a reality, support indie filmmaking and also get some great perks like  DVD with behind the scenes documentary, a signed copy of the screenplay, or even a part in the movie, please support our Indiegogo page!