Monday, January 28, 2013

Awesome LILITH book reviews and entertaining interviews

There are so many reviews and interviews from the last couple of months floating around, I thought I would put them together in one comprehensive list just so those interested can take a look at what’s out there. I will eventually be putting all this up on my website, but in the meantime…


A great review of LILITH by TT Zuma of Horror World:

Another cool review from Jim Mcleod at Ginger Nuts of Horror

A really nice review from author Christopher Allen Ridge at Creature Corner

Another great one from Jennifer L. Oliver’s blog

An awesome review from Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes at Mallory Heart Reviews

Got a thumbs up from Library Journal, but you need a subscription to read the whole thing


Here’s a fun interview I did with Kent Holloway, publisher of Seven Realms Publishing

The Five Minute Interview series with Jim Mcleod of Ginger Nuts of Horror from the UK

My interview for THE BIG THRILL webzine

My guest blog post on author Lee Thompson’s website

The Thriller Roundtable, where I answer the question, “Which authors have inspired you?”

Another Thriller Roundtable, where I answer the question, “How do you determine when a story is ready?”

I’m also being interviewed for my local paper and will post a link to that when it becomes available. If these interviews and reviews make you feel like purchasing a book or two, the links are below. Thanks for reading!

LILITH on Amazon, available in e-book and paperback

LILITH at Barnes & Noble, paperback only (so far)

Want to order a signed paperback? Just call Page After Page bookstore at 252-335-7243, and get free shipping anywhere in the U.S.!

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